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@/Texto: Like what you read, right? You going to enjoy even more. K2web is the development of the tools Feedback, MailTo, PlanceIn, Alloweb, among other web development solutions and marketing digital. The wide variety of products and services marketed through the SaaS (Software and Services) and the innovate idea of manpower outsourcing created in A Clockwork Orange project, allowed the development of this advanced system software franking. It is noteworthy that the expertise of K2web in select, train and educate employees will be used to help you assemble your own team. For example, we already have a candidate database that can be used to compose your team of sales and support.
The goal here is to generate earnings with little investment of time or money. One of the great advantages of your success will be the ability to use the ERP PlaceIn Agency, a powerful cloud tool for a team job control, customer database, prospects, contracts, tasks, deadlines, messages and much even more. This tools allows you to manage your team remotely with fully control of processes and procedures. The are 3 models franking according to investors profile:
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